Friday, February 8, 2013

Curve It Up #9 Dresden Plate and Curve It Up #8 Fancy Fans

Download PDF "Curve it up" #9 Dresden Plate click here
Download PDF "Curve it up" #8 Fancy Fans click here.

This seemes like the perfect week to get two blocks out of the same instructions!  Jenny called me last night and said tomorrow is the 22nd and we need to post a Curve It Up block......  With Ty being born last Friday, it was apparent to both of us that today's block should be a curvy Dresden Plate using the Fancy Fans instructions from two weeks ago.  Soooooo...... in the true spirit of quilting where multiple designs are created out of similar processes -- Dresden Plate.

(4) 9" squares for background
(12) 4" x 6" for fans (gray)
(8) 4"x6" for fans (cheddar)
(4) 5x5" for fan base (OR here is when you can use some of your left over pieces from either block #1 Sawtooth Star or block #6 Curvy Geese)

Cutting with QCR:
1. Position 4"x6" pieces so the 4" sides are at the top and bottom, make a mark on the bottom 1.5" from the bottom left corner, and on the top make another mark 3.5" from the top left corner.

2. Using the QCR you will make two cuts to create your fans.  (IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOUR PRINTS ARE RIGHT SIDE UP BEFORE CUTTING 4"x 6" PIECES)  First, position QCR so cut out is over the bottom left and top left corners.  Make your cut.  Second, position the QCR so the cut-out is over the marks you made at 1.5" and 3.5".  Make your cut.  (Do not worry about centering the QCR on your fabric because the angle of the curve cut will be the same.)  Repeat for all 4"x6" pieces. 

3. Measure and mark 1.5" from opposite corners on 9" background squares.  Position QCR on marks and cut in the curve cut-out.

4. Position QCR on 5" squares so cut-out is over opposite corners.  Cut in the curve cut out.  Use the larger piece for this block and set aside the smaller pieces for possible use later. (or use left over pieces which are already cut)

Assemble Fans:
Layout fans with alternating colors.  Sew (4) sets with 5 fan sections in each.

Position fan pieces as shown with bottom fan extending 1/4" past top fan to create seam allowance.  Bring curves together as the feed under the presser foot.

Press seams from back to either direction.  Press on front.

Position QCR on fan so curve cut out is 1/4" from top fan seams.
 Cut in the curve cut-out.  Reposition to the left and then again to the right following the cut curve so completely cut the curve along the top of the fan.

Assemble fan unit to background:
Measure 3/4" in on top of fan.  Position this mark at the edge of background piece.
Sew fan to background piece. (my photos are upside down and I cannot fix them, sorry, think with your feet, Lol)

Press seam away from fan.  Repeat for all (4) fan blocks.

Position square-up ruler on fan and square sides to match background piece.

Measure down 4.5" from where fan and background join on each side.  Position QCR on marks and cut in curve to even up bottom edge of fan.

Position fan bases on fan and sew bringing two curved edges together as it feeds under the presser foot.
Press fan base.  Position square-up ruler on block and square to 8.5".  Seam of fan and background piece should be at the 7.5" mark on ruler when squaring up.

Sew blocks together to create your Dresden Plate Block!


  1. Cute block Helen. I think the PDF link wants some privacy today. Doesn't seem to want to open.

    1. Thanks for letting me know the pdf link wasn't working....
      I fixed it so try again.
      Caution: Curves Ahead

  2. I can't get the link to work to download the PDF.
    Might be my computer so I'll try again later.
    Great block!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I worked on the link so give it another try :o)
      How are your snow totals this year? I think of you on your frozen tundra and I hope all is well...

  3. Hi Helen! Access is being denied to the PDF! The block looks great though!

  4. very cool block! which layout shall I choose...lots of decisions to make with this one!

  5. Thank you Helen,
    beautiful block and as always a great tutorial!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. It was nice to see you at Dream Laugh Create. Now that I have my own curve ruler, I could practice this block! Thanks for the tut.

  7. This one is so cool! Thanks! Off to play with fabric!

  8. Replies
    1. The 'circle' setting has several names and variations in traditional quilt blocks. Dresden Plate and Wagon Wheel are common names for the 'circle' setting. We would like to use this as another week's block.

  9. Thanks for the tut! I am looking forward to playing with my new ruler.

  10. cannot download block #8 , It comes up as block #9

  11. Thanks so much! I forgot to mention on your last post how much fun it must be to have a new baby in the house. Hugs!

  12. Very creative in curving the pieces.. looks fabulous

  13. I figured out why it wouldn't show the .pdf! You must be logged into Google. :) Thank you for the tutorial.

  14. I know I am late to this party, however I am having difficulty making the second cut in Step 2. It seems like so much fabric is wasted by cutting it off. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong because it doesn't look or feel right. Help please.

  15. I think I figured it out. My PDF printout had the picture rotated and when I saw the one above, it made more sense to my brain. Can't wait to finish this one so I can get started on the Medallions.