Friday, March 22, 2013

Curve it up #11-Drunkards Path

I am excited about this week's block!!! It is so obvious that the Quick Curve Ruler will easily make the Drunkards Path block easier, faster and fun to sew! 

Pdf available here.

Cut (8) 5.5" squares focus fabric (green)
Cut (8) 5.5" squares background fabric (white)

Center and stack the 5.5" squares on mat.  From the bottom left corner make a mark up 4 1/2" and across 4 1/2" on left and bottom sides of squares.  Do this for all squares, green and white. (Sample below) 

Place the QCR on stack and center the "curve cut out" over pen marks, cut.  Do this for all squares.  (sample below)

Alternating the fabrics, make two, two color stacks. (sample below)

Sew the two pieces together as shown below.


 Using the QCR, square up each block to a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" square.  Position block as shown below under the QCR, centering the seams at the 3 3/4" marks on ruler (sample in yellow squares).  Square up right and top sides, flip, square up other two sides.

Layout blocks as shown.  Sew blocks to form rows, sew rows to form block.

You will end up with a 16 1/2" Drunkards Path, the "Curve it up" way!

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