Sunday, July 22, 2012

Same Helen, New Name

This past year has been a whirlwind of activity!  It all started last summer when our 4th out of 5 children went off to college at BYU Hawaii.  That left just three people at home and we all felt very empty. 

That didn't last long.  At the time we were living in the Texas panhandle.  My husband was asked to go work in Phoenix AZ for 4 months at the Phoenix VA Hospital.  We then decided to go to Mazatlan Mexico for Thanksgiving and then travel to Utah for Christmas.  Our daughter that was in Provo UT got engaged over Christmas.  I then flew to Hawaii with daughter #3 for a week.  

After the holidays and flying around things settled down a little and then my husband came home from Phoenix.  We were busy planning a wedding for the end of April when my husband was offered the Phoenix job.  We put our house up for sale, went to Utah for a wedding, Lance moved to Phoenix to start working permanently, my son finished his sophomore year in Texas, we sold our house, and moved to Mesa AZ.  Whew......  

So after all that we have been in Arizona for a little more than a month and we are getting settled in.  I decided now was a good time to adjust my business name and be more clear about what I do back in my sewing room all day.  I design patterns, piece, and long-arm quilt.  I also love to make one-of-a-kind quilts that are free-form and just happen. These are my 'art quilts.'  So, with all that in mind I have created this blog to include all of those elements.

Welcome to HGMR Deco Quilting!  
(hgmr are my initials)


  1. Wow, sounds like all good happy news keeping you busy. Your quilting is wonderful. Can't wait to see more.

  2. I love all your quilts mom! They're amazing!!!

  3. How do you like Mesa? I've applied for a job with DOL working with the vets (it's downtown on Central Ave). Your quilting is amazing. I love doing pebbling, tedious, but so much fun. I met Jenny, she is adorable and a bad influence on my wallet :-)