Monday, September 24, 2012

Newest Quick Curve Pattern - Deco Zig Zag

Two years ago Jenny  gave me some fabric for Christmas.  She sent me 12 half yard cuts of a great 'Asian' line.  I don't know the name of it so if anyone does please tell me. I made a great zig zag quilt with it, and afterwards I had a little of each piece left over that I stashed away for another project. 

A month ago I was playing around with the Quick Curve Ruler and came up with a block that I thought would make a great quilt.  I rummaged and searched for awhile until I found my bits of  'Asian' prints that I knew would work great with it.  I added some Kona Cactus and a great graphic print border and Deco Zig Zag was born!  I love the variety of prints, the motion from the layout and the quilting design.  All the elements work well together to make it one of my favorite quilts!

This pattern is being tested and should be available within a couple of weeks. When  I create a quilt, I make notes about the process and then I write up the pattern so it is always an adventure to see if the pattern makes the quilt I think it should. :-/

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  1. How cool is that pattern? The fabric is perfect for it. What a gorgeous quilt!

  2. Beautiful. And I love your quilting too!

  3. What a pretty, and fun, it and the fabric as well! TFS

  4. It's amazing how you've come up with something so very different and really cool using Jenny's ruler - I'm not quite that adventurous - mine will be a 'stack' quilt