Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"The One Ring to Rule Them All"

Jenny and I have had tons of fun coming up with patterns for the Double Wedding Ring!  Using the Quick Curve Ruler to recreate traditional quilt patterns and new designs is tons of fun!  After Jenny and I worked on the Double Wedding Ring this weekend, I had to do the Solo Circle.  I could see it in my head and I couldn't leave it alone until I had it in fabric.  I am not sure what to call it........ Ozone?  Solo Circle? The One Ring to Rule them All? Lol.......Ocredible?  The options are endless.

I think it would make great modern pillows for my girls for Christmas.... They are out of the country for the next week so I'm hoping they don't see this post....

Having way too much fun with the Quick Curve Ruler!  Patterns to come soon:0)


  1. This wedding ring quilt is wonderful. Love your new block too. You're so creative.

  2. I really like the one ring design as well as the double wedding ring!