Monday, October 8, 2012

New QCR Pattern


CONTRAILS???  What's that about?  Well it's the name of the exhaust from a jet airplane we see in the sky that looks like thin streaks of fluffy clouds, and it's also the name of my new pattern!

The inspiration for this quilt came from living in the Texas Panhandle.  You know, that little square part of Texas that juts upward by Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  We lived there for three years until moving to  Arizona this past June.  The Texas Panhandle is the land of BIG skies, flat wide-open spaces, constant wind, and more cattle than you can imagine!  Those big skies were perfect for viewing 10 to 15 contrails at a time.  Airplanes going every which way with only a very few of them stopping in Amarillo.

This quilt is made using the Quick Curve Ruler, which easily cuts the curved shapes for no-pin piecing.  This has a modified "Trip Around the World" setting with HST blocks on the diagonal giving it the "Contrails" inspiration.  The blue fabric is from Momo and is adorable with birds walking or flying.  I was able to cut the fabric so they are all going the same direction.

Thank you so much to those that have already purchased my patterns.  Your kind support has exceeded my expectations!  You may have noticed my new pattern layout with the "Sew Kind of Wonderful" logo.  Jenny and I are merging our businesses, and we are thrilled to have two distributors that will be carrying our QCR Patterns and the Quick Curve Ruler.  

So, over the next few months HGMR Deco Quilting will be fazed out as my sister and I become one business "Sew Kind of Wonderful."  Our distributors indicated it was confusing to have two separate business names related to the QCR Patterns and Quick Curve Ruler.  Besides, Jenny and I have always planned on getting to this point, this just sped  up the transition.  We are super excited to be working together!



  1. Congratulations to you and Jenny-I wish you both much success-how lucky you are to not only share quilting with your sister but now to be able to work together too.

  2. I love your new pattern! What talented daughters I have!! See you soon,