Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sneak Peak at Deco Flora

 Background fill - LOVE IT!!

I love background fill on quilts.  It is the background that makes all the other specialty quilting pop out and get to show off.  My favorite background fill is just back and forth parallel (lol) lines.  I love the texture it gives when touching the quilt and the rest spots it gives your eyes when viewing a quilt. 

Here are two sneak peaks at Deco Flora with all that yummy background fill showing up!

 What is your favorite background fill?



  1. Oh wow....I just want to machine quilt like that!! I am a hand quilter; love doing it, but I am trying to learn FMQ and it is difficult for me to get control of my machine....grrrrrrrrr. But I will keep plugging away at it....this is just stunning!

  2. I like your backing fabric!! Fitting for the quilt and yes, that's my favorite filler too!

  3. These are tempting, teasing photos - I look forward to seeing more soon

  4. love that filler xo !! and i received my tic tac pattern in the mail!!now i just need to start a new quilt!! thanks helen xoxox